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str. Berkovetska, 6B
ave. Nauki, 25, «Facade» showroom
str. Bazarna, 57

We have been successfully developing and manufacturing modern facade systems since 2006. We believe that Ukrainian cities should have modern and energy efficient facades. The facades we produce in Ukraine meet world standards. In 2022, our company has a team of 130 people and branches in the 4 largest cities of Ukraine. We are the largest domestic manufacturer of ventilated facade systems.

Our benefits:

For state:

We are studying the technologies of the world’s best facade systems and establishing their production in Ukraine. We are constantly improving ourselves and our production.

For the customer:

  • Detailed and fast cost calculation
  • Technological assembly map of the facade
  • Static calculations
  • Pull testing fastener strength

For the partners:

  • Large warehouses of facade systems in Lviv, Kyiv, Kharkiv
  • Delivery across Ukraine and EU
  • Detailed albums of technical solutions
  • Development of special connecting nodes
  • Technical supervision and consulting

For architects:

  • We provide consultations in the field of the best facing facade materials from around the world
  • We have expositions in 4 cities of Ukraine
  • We select the best solution
  • A wide range of our activities and extensive experience in the field of modern facade solutions allows us to solve the problems of architects in a complex